The Connected Cancer Patient: Future Vision and Recommendations

Connected health – let’s take a look at what is happening and what’s next! Be sure to join the #hcldr chat this Tue, 7/7, at 830p E for a great conversation on this topic.


Connected - HeatherBlog post by Janet Freeman-Daily, Corrie Painter, and Stacey Tinianov

The March 14 #HCLDR Chat “Data Sharing for Research & Care” was so helpful in gathering inputs for the March 26 President’s Cancer Panel (PCP) workshop that the PCP decided they wanted another tweetchat prior to the July 9 workshop.  The PCP 2014-15 workshop series, Connected Health: Improving Patients’ Engagement and Activation for Cancer-Related Health Outcomes, aims “to answer timely, critical questions about connected health strategies and technologies and their potential to engage and activate individuals and patients, with the ultimate goal of improving cancer-related outcomes.”

The July 9 PCP Workshop in Chicago will focus on “The Connected Cancer Patient: Vision for the Future and Recommendations for Action.”  The agenda and participants for the July workshop are available here.  Three of the workshop participants — Janet Freeman-Daily (@JFreemanDaily), Corrie Painter (@corrie_painter

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Humanizing Physicians & The Future of Medicine

This Tuesday at 830p E don’t miss this exciting #hcldr chat! Inviting our med student, physician, nursing, and e-patient peers to join the conversation as we discuss empathy, medical education, and the humanizing of physicians.


Thinking RobotBlog post by Joe Babaian

Reach for it. Push yourself as far as you can. – Christa McAuliffe

For some time we’ve been hearing the cacophonic drumbeat of compassionate medicine, high-touch care, superior patient experiences, and physicians as empathetic partners in our healthcare journeys. We all know at least a little about these subjects and we try to understand: how we should guide healthcare into the future? Do we ever reach Oz and find perfection?

Today we discuss the person under the white coat – what makes them who they are? What makes them excellent physicians? What can changes in education/training do to improve the physician-patient relationship/partnership?

I grew up in Detroit and was lucky to often see Rodin’s The Thinker perched in front of the Detroit Institute of the Arts. What’s most striking to me is the timeless nature of such introspective thought. Do our physicians and clinical staff…

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Healthcare Celebrity – Putting healthcare professionals in the spotlight


James I think your cover is blownBlog post by Colin Hung

Over the past month, I have been following the latest controversy surrounding TV’s Dr. Oz  (Dr. Mehmet Oz). I find the whole situation fascinating and I thought it would be interesting to discuss the concept of healthcare celebrities with the #hcldr community this week.

The latest controversy involving Dr. Oz started when a group of 10 physicians from various parts of the US sent a letter to Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons where Dr. Oz is vice chair of the Department of Surgery. In that letter these 10 physicians expressed their surprise and dismay that Dr. Oz remains a member of the faculty. They go on to say that Dr. Oz is misleading the public through his TV, radio and other media endeavours and should resign from his position at Columbia University.

You can read more about the controversy here and here

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Shifting the Paradigm: Retail Clinics & Urgent Care Centers

#Hcldr tonight will discuss Urgent Care & Retail Clinics and how they are part of the changing Healthcare environment. Do join us at 830p E for this special chat!


Shifting the Paradigm: The Inexorable Growth of Retail Based Clinics & Urgent Care Centers in HealthCare

Change Sign

Blog post by Joe Babaian

Change Before You Have To.           – Jack Welch

What did Jack Welch mean when he said this? Does it apply to Healthcare?

With the retailization of healthcare, for better or worse, we see we are in the midst of a paradigm shift. Primary Care as we knew it is changing and the landscape is all new. The shift towards instant-access medicine and fewer connections with a traditional primary care clinic offers both great access advantages and cost savings as well risks we should consider.

Dan Munro wrote “Is This The End of Primary Care?” in Forbes and discussed his top 3 reasons that “the trajectory for many primary care physicians is entirely unsustainable….” Dan lists:

  1. The economics for the old model of lowacuity…

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The Annual Physical?

Has the annual physical jumped the shark? Is it time to reevaluate access and use of medical resources as we chart our healthcare journey? Let’s chat about it tonight, 730p C on the #hcldr tweet-chat – please join us.


Question x 4Blog post by Bernadette Keefe MD

The Argument: Ditch The Annual

Every year, adults face the issues of is it “time to get a check up”? Do I really want to get my annual physical? Do I need to have a checkup? Well now, even your doctor is saying the same thing! A chorus of physicians have weighed over the past several years (especially after the Cochrane Report was released). The consensus has been, for the most part: ditch the annual physical if you are healthy and have no medical symptoms.

The need for an annual physical was first questioned in a 1979 Canadian panel REF convened by the government that concluded:

…the routine annual physical examination should be discarded in favor of a selective plan of health protection packages appropriate to the various health needs at the different stages of life

Ezekiel Emanuel MD stated in his OpEd piece…

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Patient Experience, Health IT and Government


March 2015 The US Senate 1 - Stephen Melkisethian

Blog post by Colin Hung

Over the past two weeks I attended two amazing events: The Beryl Institute’s Patient Experience (#PX2015) and the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (#HIMSS15) conferences. At both #PX2015 and #HIMSS15 I had the honor and privilege of participating as a social media ambassador [the perfect excuse to tweet even more than I normally do at conferences].

I thoroughly enjoyed being at both events and am grateful to the organizers for the opportunity to be a part of the social media team.

On the surface both conferences couldn’t be more different. PX2015 was a gathering of people who are passionate about improving the overall experience that patients have with healthcare while HIMSS15 was a confab of everyone and anyone involved in healthIT. HIMSS15 has the equivalent of 22 football fields of exhibitor space with over 1300 vendors while PX2015 had 50…

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#HCLDR at HIMSS15: Discussing HealthIT and the impact on patients

Please join us at #HIMSS15 with @colin_hung live as a social media ambassador with me and @nxtstop1 working the magic remotely. We’ll get started at 7:30p Central Tue 7/14 both live at #HIMSS15 and online for tweetchat.


HIMSS15Blog post by Colin Hung

Today marks the start of the annual meeting of Healthcare….Society (aka #HIMSS15). This year over 45,000 people are expected to descend upon McCormick place in Chicago for 5 days of meetings, discussions, keynotes, shaking hands and selfies (#HIMSSelfie). I absolutely love the HIMSS conference. I always come back with a full brain and an even fuller heart. It’s inspiring to be around so many bright and passionate peers.

This year I’m super excited to be a HIMSS Social Media ambassador (SMA). For a full list of #HIMSS15 SMAs click here or subscribe to this handy Twitter list. I’m so honored and humbled to be an ambassador this year…and I now have the perfect excuse to go tweet-crazy during the conference (you have been warned).

Because of #HIMSS15 I thought it would be appropriate to theme the next #hcldr tweetchat on the…

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