Privacy: Preventing Harm or Innovation

Great privacy talk on #hcldr this week – please take a look at the excellent blog and do drop in on Tue, 830p E for a great chat – you’ll be glad you did.


Key - nikcnameBlog post by Pam Ressler, Jodi Sperber, Wendy Sue Swanson and Colleen Young

In health, do our assumptions and experience regarding privacy prevent harm or impede innovation? This is what we will address at Stanford Medicine X in September during our panel discussion with Susannah Fox, Pam Ressler, Wendy Sue Swanson, Jodi Sperber and Colleen Young. But first, we’re flipping the panel to jump start the conversation, collecting and sharing resources (such as this Flipboard collection), and most importantly gathering knowledge from our communities like #hcsmca and #hcldr.

In July, we asked #hcsmca-ers how they define privacy, in particular on social media and the information we choose to share. Using the term “privacy calculus,” we queried how people calculate the benefit vs. risk when sharing health information online. As anticipated, the #hcsmca community had a lot of wisdom to share. (See the #hcsmca chat summary.)

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