Patient Satisfaction is not Patient Advocacy: How Digital Health Technology can Help

As usual, David shares intuitive comments about a critical issue. The distinction should be obvious – but clearly it’s not. We all need to reflect and adjust course when it comes to patient satisfaction and the need for proper patient advocacy without shortcuts.

The Digital Health Corner

Editor’s note: While the format of this piece is doesn’t conform to the ‘five points’ you normally see, the ties to clinical and digital remain. We will return to the usual format in the next offering.

Patient advocacy and patient satisfaction are both popular terms these days, but they are far from synonymous.  Patient advocacy is defined by Wikipedia as “An area of lay specialization in healthcare concerned with patient education about the use of health plans and how to obtain needed care.”  This is considerably narrower than what I consider a more appropriate description by Trisha Torrey, “patient advocacy regards any activity which ultimately benefits a patient…it can apply to caregiving for an individual patient, to groups that develop policies and advice that help patients, to government groups that develop legislation to improve systems or processes for patients.”

Patient Satisfaction   While patient satisfaction might intuitively seem…

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