Humanizing Physicians & The Future of Medicine

This Tuesday at 830p E don’t miss this exciting #hcldr chat! Inviting our med student, physician, nursing, and e-patient peers to join the conversation as we discuss empathy, medical education, and the humanizing of physicians.


Thinking RobotBlog post by Joe Babaian

Reach for it. Push yourself as far as you can. – Christa McAuliffe

For some time we’ve been hearing the cacophonic drumbeat of compassionate medicine, high-touch care, superior patient experiences, and physicians as empathetic partners in our healthcare journeys. We all know at least a little about these subjects and we try to understand: how we should guide healthcare into the future? Do we ever reach Oz and find perfection?

Today we discuss the person under the white coat – what makes them who they are? What makes them excellent physicians? What can changes in education/training do to improve the physician-patient relationship/partnership?

I grew up in Detroit and was lucky to often see Rodin’s The Thinker perched in front of the Detroit Institute of the Arts. What’s most striking to me is the timeless nature of such introspective thought. Do our physicians and clinical staff…

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