Shifting the Paradigm: Retail Clinics & Urgent Care Centers

#Hcldr tonight will discuss Urgent Care & Retail Clinics and how they are part of the changing Healthcare environment. Do join us at 830p E for this special chat!


Shifting the Paradigm: The Inexorable Growth of Retail Based Clinics & Urgent Care Centers in HealthCare

Change Sign

Blog post by Joe Babaian

Change Before You Have To.           – Jack Welch

What did Jack Welch mean when he said this? Does it apply to Healthcare?

With the retailization of healthcare, for better or worse, we see we are in the midst of a paradigm shift. Primary Care as we knew it is changing and the landscape is all new. The shift towards instant-access medicine and fewer connections with a traditional primary care clinic offers both great access advantages and cost savings as well risks we should consider.

Dan Munro wrote “Is This The End of Primary Care?” in Forbes and discussed his top 3 reasons that “the trajectory for many primary care physicians is entirely unsustainable….” Dan lists:

  1. The economics for the old model of lowacuity…

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