Patient Experience, Health IT and Government


March 2015 The US Senate 1 - Stephen Melkisethian

Blog post by Colin Hung

Over the past two weeks I attended two amazing events: The Beryl Institute’s Patient Experience (#PX2015) and the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (#HIMSS15) conferences. At both #PX2015 and #HIMSS15 I had the honor and privilege of participating as a social media ambassador [the perfect excuse to tweet even more than I normally do at conferences].

I thoroughly enjoyed being at both events and am grateful to the organizers for the opportunity to be a part of the social media team.

On the surface both conferences couldn’t be more different. PX2015 was a gathering of people who are passionate about improving the overall experience that patients have with healthcare while HIMSS15 was a confab of everyone and anyone involved in healthIT. HIMSS15 has the equivalent of 22 football fields of exhibitor space with over 1300 vendors while PX2015 had 50…

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