Grassroots Change + Personal Accountability in Healthcare

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Imminent Impact - Richard PluckBlog post by Colin Hung

Change is never easy. It takes courage, hard work and a bias for action. In healthcare, change is especially difficult. The risk-adverse culture, hierarchical organizations and ready willingness to blame “the system” rather than accept personal accountability are powerful headwinds that would-be-change-agents face in healthcare.

In a recent blog post, Richard Corder – Assistant Vice President for CRICO, talks at length about the concept of accountability and how it is a critical first step to any real change:

In healthcare, we are currently spending a lot of time (and money) talking about and pondering the ‘accountable entity’. We wax and wane poetically about the who, what, why, when and where, when all the time it’s staring back from the mirror. We are the accountable entities.

What Corder is saying that each of us has the power to affect change – but to unlock…

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