Data Sharing for Research & Care


MS-DOS Green 1 - Kjetil KorslienBlog post by Janet Freeman-Daily & Colin Hung

The President’s Cancer Panel (PCP) 2014-15 workshop series, Connected Health: Improving Patients’ Engagement and Activation for Cancer-Related Health Outcomes, aims “to answer timely, critical questions about connected health strategies and technologies and their potential to engage and activate individuals and patients, with the ultimate goal of improving cancer-related outcomes.” Their December 2014 workshop had an impressive list of speakers and participants.

The next workshop will be held in San Francisco on March 26, 2015, and will focus on “The Personal Health Data Revolution, Connected Health, and Cancer.” It will touch on several topics of interest to the #hcldr community: value of patient networks, ownership of patient-generated data, changing the research process, using electronic health records for the benefit of patients, and privacy and security safeguards.

The value of patients sharing data with researchers is being explored by the new…

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