Innovation at the front lines of healthcare

Tonight on #hcldr, we talk about Innovation at the Front Lines of Healthcare. Joining us are three Mayo Center for Innovation @MayoInnovation CoDE (COnnect Design Enable) recipients: Thomas Belda (@tbelda) from the Simulation Center at Mayo Clinic, Tammy Vos-Draper (@vosdraper) from the Mayo Clinic department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and Tracy Harrison, M.D. (@harrisontracy1) the Medical Director for the Pediatric Pain Clinic at Mayo Clinic. Please stop by at 8:30pm Eastern for this special conversation!


Innovation Chalkboard - Missy SchmidtBlog post by AJ Montpetit

Fostering innovation is a primary focus for most organizations but especially those in healthcare. One of the best sources for new healthcare innovations is front-line staff – the proverbial boots-on-the-ground employees. However, in order to tap into their creativity, organizations need to find ways to provide employees with “thinking time” — a critical component to enable creative thinking — empowering employees to work on projects they are passionate about outside of their normal work time.

Innovation in health care has never been more important. However, in health care, where days are carved up into time slots with patients and appointments, “free” time is hard to come by. Time literally equals money. In 2009, the Mayo Center for Innovation created CoDE (COnnect Design Enable) funding opportunities — an annual internal grant program designed to fuel innovation that gives all Mayo employees opportunities…

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