MDs + Social Media. What do we want and why?

We at #hcldr are thrilled to have Dr. Bryan Vartabedian (@Doctor_V) joining us this Tuesday at 830p E for our weekly chat. Please read the blog and then join us, you’ll be happy you did!


Social Media - Peter Kirkeskov RasmussenBlog by Bryan Vartabedian MD.

[Introduction by Colin Hung.]

This week on #hcldr we are excited to have a healthcare social media star as a guest – Bryan Vartabedian, MD (aka @Doctor_V).

Dr. Vartabedian is considered one of health care’s influential voices on social technology and medicine. He has served as a consultant to a number of health care start-ups and has independently advised health care organizations and national physician groups in the area of policy and digital strategy.

His unique expertise lies in understanding the emerging digital culture of medicine and how new media can be leveraged by organizations and individual stakeholders in health care. At Baylor College of Medicine Dr. Vartabedian directs programs in digital literacy and advises leadership in the area of training and emerging technology. He is the co-founder of the Medical Futures Laboratory, a Rice University based collaborative for insight and…

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