A Beautiful Question: Questioning in Healthcare


Question Vanishing - Hartwig HKDBlog post by Bernadette Keefe MD

A person skilled in the art of questioning is a person who can prevent questions from being suppressed by the dominant opinion.

– Hanz-Georg Gademer

It was just after New Years 2015 when an an article by Warren Berger entitled “Forget Resolutions, Whatʼs Your Beautiful Question” caught my eye. In it the author (see his book “A More Beautiful Question” 2014), suggests that instead of making New Years resolutions (ie: aspirational statements) we should formulate our own ʻbeautiful questionʼ. As one who seems to spend her days steeped in questions (admittedly not all ʻgreatʼ questions) I could definitely ʻgoʼ for his suggestion.

With questioning firmly top of mind, I started noticing game changing endeavors that began with a great, fresh question.

Questioning: MD and Patient

An example in the healthcare field of relevance to all of us is the story that Dr Leana Wen (author “When Doctors…

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