The larger health care environment + patients and family engagement

Join the Moore Foundation and #hcldr this Tuesday 830p E for a very special conversation on Patients and Family Engagement in Healthcare.


PCE 27Blog post by Dominick L. Frosch, Patient Care Fellow, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

How do we shift norms and create a culture where patient and family engagement is the rule, not the exception? What are the ways in which legislation, regulations, and policy changes come into play?

The impetus for developing a Roadmap for Patient + Family Engagement in Healthcare grew from several issues. First, the broader concept of patient and family engagement in healthcare is not new. In one form or another it has been advocated and written about for at least 30 years. Second, the scientific evidence documenting the benefits of engagement and the public’s desire for it has grown exponentially. And yet, at present state there are pockets of excellence in the healthcare delivery system, but no one can point to a place where patient and family engagement and partnership is the default at all…

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