The Art and Skill of Listening

A great discussion on the ability to understand before being understood. A not to be missed #hcldr this Tue 830p E – see you there!


6231641551_541c96e583_bBlog post by Bernadette Keefe MD

Listening to the world around us, its people and nature, educates us about our world and allows for meaningful conversation. Without the ability to listen, we are unable to sustain relationships and learn. Likewise we place ourselves out of range of others: unable to provide help, to answer needs. For many reasons, we must acquire the skill of honed, effective listening.

Most of us know this, but human nature has a stronger impulse to share, speak first, get our idea out right away. Even when we need to hear the other person and indeed want to listen to them, we have very strong impulse to interrupt, to jump in. Such impulses can crowd out the other personsʼ opinions and thoughts, whereby they may never be heard.

Listening in Healthcare

The subject of listening (or not) has been getting a public airing in discussions regarding doctor/patient communications.

The New York Times just ran an…

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