How To Decide? Navigating Patient Choices In Health Care

This week’s #hcldr blog is all about how patients and health care professionals make the truly right, best choices when it comes to major medical decisions. Read more about it and join me, along with Colin Hung, Bernadette Keefe MD, and the entire #hcldr community to discuss, engage, and learn this Tuesday, 10/7, 830p E for our weekly Tweet chat.


Spiral of Hands - LostintheredwoodsBlog post by Joe Babaian

A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers. – PLATO

We’ve all been there – whether as a patient, a physician, a nurse, or an advocate – howdo we make the right choice when faced with an important health care decision impacting ourselves or the person we are caring for? In this era of advanced medicine, complex healthcare systems, #BigData and #DigitalHealth, the choices for any given concern are rarely limited to one or two.

What sources should inform the decision-making process? Can we rely on massive amounts of aggregated data including the best analysis our experts can produce? Do we rely on the human connection in health care, the incredible depth of systematic knowledge that our best clinicians and health professionals tap? What about the holistic view of patient needs including their feelings, circumstances, and environment – how does…

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