Are well designed healthcare apps just wishful thinking?

Tonight on #hcldr the topic is Healthcare App design – joint chat with good friends @ #HITsm where the topic continues Friday. Not to be missed, please stop by, listen, learn, contribute!



Blog post by Colin Hung

This week, #hcldr is teaming up with our friends over on #HITsm for a collaborative chat. Much like our collaboration with #InnoPsy, this will be an opportunity for both communities to explore a single topic from multiple points of view.

For those that aren’t familiar with #HITsm, it is a weekly Twitter gathering where topics relating to Healthcare Information Technology (#healthIT) are discussed. The chat is moderated by Jon Mertz (@jonmertz) and Chad Johnson (@OchoTex) and is held every Friday at 12pm Eastern. More information about #HITsm can be found on their website.

For our collaboration, we will start the discussion on #hcldr in our regular timeslot Tuesday August 5th at 8:30pm Eastern. We will then continue the discussion on #HITsm in their regular timeslot Friday August 8th at 12:00pm Eastern.

The topic we have decided…

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