Feb 4th Chat – The Journey to Patient Centered Care

If Morgan Gleason isn’t on your radar, she should be! Patient experience and patient centered care are topics we all know well, but here we have a fresh voice to help frame the conversation! Often, the young have things to say that resonate since they are not seeing things through the jaded filter of being “grown up.” Lisa Fields (@PracticalWisdom) & Colin Hung (@Colin_Hung) have made it possible for Morgan (@Morgan_Gleason) to be a special guest on this Tuesday’s #HCLDR chat. Please review the topics and stop by to share and learn. Not to be missed.


Morgan Gleason as a patient

Blog post by Morgan Gleason. Intro by Lisa Fields.

Like so many of us, I was struck by YouTube I am the patient and I need to be heard video filmed by Amy Gleason for her daughter Morgan. My first thought was how tired Morgan looked as she told us how difficult it had been to get sleep during her hospital stay. While clearly frustrated, I never at any point felt as if she was negative nor complaining. To me, she was simply sharing her experience as a patient.

Morgan’s mother Amy, has been a part of our #HCLDR chat. When I first saw the video I reached out to her to see if we could invite Morgan to be our guest. Morgan quickly responded “Yes!”

When Colin and I invite people to our guests for #HCLDR we ask them to donate several hours of work. We…

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