Does Patient Experience Last Only 4.5 Days?

Paul Roemer continues to discuss and frame patient experience in a way that brings it home, makes it accessible, and allows us to consider the impacts of our personal and organizational actions.

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The CEO of Texas Health Resources stated in the December 2013 issue of HealthLeaders Magazine that “hospitals are used to being accountable for about 4.5 days.”  4.5 days represents the average length of stay for inpatients—I think the use of the word ‘inpatients’ could be considered redundant.

Also in the article is the fact that Texas Health Resources is transforming the delivery of healthcare from hospital-based to community-based including, education, wellness, prevention, primary care, rehab, home, long-term, palliative, and hospice care.

Accountable.  Accountable for care. 4.5 days.  Accountability probably includes reducing readmissions, which includes making sure more people complete more of their discharge orders.

Transforming delivery away from the hospital.

Today hospitals define patient experience as an inpatient function.  Patient Experience efforts must also last on average 4.5 days, and it must not apply much to outpatients or prospective patients.

Here’s where I get confused.  As care is moved from…

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