Key Insights From Regional Healthcare CEO – Greater Houston

One of the greatest things you can do is to learn the skill of really listening to experts when they speak. This is not about just nodding along, but engaging yourself in what you are hearing – making it part of your inner dialogue.

With that in mind, I was so lucky to have been invited to listen to a presentation given by the esteemed Heber Lacerda, President and CEO of Regency Nursing & Rehabilitation Centers, Inc. Regency is a conglomerate of over 100 limited partnerships and corporations focused on long-term healthcare. With over 29 facilities (and growing) through-out Texas, Regency finds itself center in the evolving world of healthcare as our population ages.

Mr. Lacerda spent over an hour discussing the current state of healthcare with a focus on the evolving world of long-term skilled nursing with a unique view of the Texas market. Lacerda focused on eight key issues that he faces daily.

  1. The move towards outcome-based medicine
  2. The changing legal environment and tort reform in the industry.
  3. The issues surrounding defensive medicine.
  4. The growth of healthcare information exchanges.
  5. The implementation and penetration of electronic medical records.
  6. The importance of care coordination.
  7. Growing demands and ways to achieve operational efficiency.
  8. And importantly, the need to recruit competent talent to the field.

Lacerda stressed this last point as a linchpin in the need to improve healthcare. Without competent talent in all aspects of operations (business and clinical), success remains elusive. Mr. Lacerda was asked, “What are the three most important skills you look for when hiring new talent?” His answer is telling:

  • The right attitude / communication skills
  • Brain power
  • Strong work ethics

Discussing all of Lacerda’s points would suit another venue, so I’ll leave it to you to think about what one successful CEO feels is important across the industry.

I welcome your comments and have a super day.


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